Some people have said nice things about their experiences with me. Here are a few. It goes without saying that because of the confidential nature of counselling, coaching and clinical supervision I can’t tell you who exactly they are from, so some initials may have been changed…

These sessions give me the strength to carry on. I’m about analysis of my self with a level of honesty, without shame, and that gives me clarity. Thank you very much Dave. P.

Dave has been my supervisor for almost two years now. I had met him before then though and I always found him to be friendly, patient and a very good listener. When he agreed to be my supervisor, I was delighted and soon discovered that there is more to Dave than I initially thought. In partnership with confirming what I sensed already, I also felt the professionalism, knowledge and experience that he casually projects whilst remaining humble, and simultaneously offering me the space during my supervision that I need and use regularly. I have often read in testimonials comments such as, “I would highly recommend” or, “I can’t recommend highly enough” and I sometimes feel these phrases are overused and therefore undervalued. In Dave’s case, however, both of these statements are true. If you are looking for a supervisor, a coach, a mentor, or someone to help guide you with your work or life goals or direction, then I whole-heartedly recommend that you contact Dave. Then, maybe in two years from now, like me, you’ll be able to look back at this decision point in your life and be pleased that you made the right choice. I.

David was recommended to me by my trusted GP following a period of physical health challenges triggered by stress in my personal life. My sessions with him facilitated recovery body, mind & soul. I would thoroughly recommend him. I received a combination of face to face & remote sessions, both were beneficial. M.

I am a final year student studying integrative counselling and have been in supervision with David for almost a year (since the beginning of my professional practice placement). The thought of supervision for a student can be quite daunting and I remember going into my first session feeling a bit like I was going into an exam! However, David quickly put me at ease, explained his model of supervision and we got down to work. (Due to COVID-19 restrictions all our subsequent sessions have been online). As well as providing me with support and information in a wide range of areas (theoretical, ethical, legal, technical, administrative and pharmaceutical), his constructive and encouraging manner have made it easy for me to bring both my successful and less successful client work to supervision. This has allowed valuable and meaningful learning to take place.David listens carefully with a desire to understand what I’m bringing before exploring, challenging making creative suggestions. Perhaps most importantly for me personally is the warmth and genuine interest that David models – something I aspire to bring to my own clients. As I recently stated in a reflective essay “my experience of supervision has been the most nurturing and confidence-building aspect of my training so far.” H.

All I can say is, you’ve given me the tools I need to have my life back. Fear and bad memories no longer rule my life. You helped me to understand who I am and how I fit in this world. G.

When I decided to go to seek help because my life was falling apart I tried everything and thought of  counselling in my search. When I spoke to Dave I knew he was the person I wanted to work with. He is calm, peaceful, welcoming and inspired a safe zone for me to open up completely. He certainly helped me step out of myself and look into myself. I was heard, safe from judgement or fear, then my healing began as well as piecing my life back together. It was a great (and challenging) journey and I wish I had done it sooner. I’m in a great place in my life today. I like the person I became through counselling.
I have moved on from counselling to coaching now with Dave and he helped me to gain clarity for my business vision, help me understand myself as well interacting with others in the business world. My confidence is boosted and that made a world of difference in my life. I’m much calmer, I manage emotional crises much better, he has given me the tools to cope both in my personal life and my business life. If you’re looking for the light at the end of the tunnel in your life or business, Dave will guide you to it. L.

As a supervisor I have found Dave to be a man of integrity who encourages whilst imparting understanding and knowledge from his diverse wealth of experience. He has facilitated my personal and professional growth as a counsellor by strengthening and building up the areas where I have weaknesses, and celebrating and enhancing areas in which I am stronger. I have experienced Dave as a supportive, non-judgemental and honest supervisor whom I would not hesitate to recommend to others. W.

I initially contacted Dave via email after seeking out a counsellor who was local and was also able to include my faith in their work. 
This was my first time going to a counsellor so naturally I had some reservations and anxious feelings but Dave quickly put these to rest during our first session. In the sessions that followed I became more at ease speaking openly about my thoughts and feelings with Dave. He also gave me tools and techniques to help me with my thought process and understand how and why I was feeling the way I was. Once I had a better understanding of this myself then being able to share this with others in my life was a huge milestone. S.