If your situation is urgent and you need to speak to someone now you could try calling Breathing Space on 0800 83 85 87 or Samaritans on 116 123

Welcome. You got here! You’re reading this because you have decided that a bit of un-biased, non-judgemental help is needed to get you past a road block that’s stopping you moving on in your life. It might be due to recent events or trauma or even negative trends in your life. Or perhaps you simply feel that something’s not quite right and you want help in uncovering or identifying that. I can help you as a counsellor.

Perhaps you know what is wrong and you want some pointers to get you going, along with someone to keep you on track as you press on to your chosen goals. I can help you as a coach.

Lastly, you might be a person-facing clinician, therapist, care-worker or social worker who needs some external supervision as part of your employment contract or professional practice. Alternatively you are a student of one of these disciplines needing help and guidance through your placements. I can help you as a clinical supervisor.

You can contact me for a no obligation chat by using this form: